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January 16, 2016 -- Rather than a refugee asylum, think of it as an insane asylum. 

A mob of 15 Nigerian women attacked the manager of their asylum in Munich. The women were demanding houses. 

Reports say some of the women held their babies aloft and threatened to left them fall to the floor if their demands were not met. 

These people are crazy; truly crazy. 

Decades of documented research concludes that the human inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa have an average IQ of around 70. They are mentally retarded. 

One of the Muslim women attempted to strangle the manager with a scarf. 

Each of the women held a baby or small child as a shield. The victim was unable to defend himself. 

Four of the women were arrested. One was arrested for attempting to strangel the 49-year-old victim; the other three are accused of punching him. 

The report profiled the victim by gender (male) and age (49), but not by race. That leads us to assume he was ethnic German. 

• There is a reason why sub-Saharan Africa has languished in abject poverty for millenia. The people there are not capable of understanding how free market economies work; that Germans are prosperous because they are intelligent and retain jobs.

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  1. Obviously the solution is to flood Germany with more Nigerians.

  2. Assault of the "She-boons"; TNB....always looking or demanding something for nothing.....put the all on a boat back to Africa with a Muslim under each arm...