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January 25, 2016 -- Frustrated with leftist loons using hate speech as a pretext to shush free speech, a group is planning a nationwide event to counter the trend. 

“I Am The Free Speech Zone” was launched by two brothers from New Hampshire.

Inspired by concerns over the proliferation of policies and practices restricting student speech—from the deceptively-named “free speech zones” to requirements that students “pre-register” before expressing their opinions in public—Christopher and Robert Sargent decided to organize a nationwide “I Am The Free Speech Zone” event on April 21 to spread awareness of the dangers such restrictions pose to academic and personal freedom. 

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“This event is a push-back against free speech zones..." Tweet This “This grew out of frustration with political correctness and the stifling of conversation, and it all starts with college,” Chris Sargent told Campus Reform. “The purpose is to educate students and have them take ownership of freedom of speech.” — Campus Reform

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