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January 26, 2016 -- Were you surprises that feminists didn't support the hundreds of women molested by Muslims New Years eve?

See video below.

The attack occurred in Cologne, Germany. Similar attacks occurred throughout Western Europe. 

Feminists were silent. 

When they finally spoke, they condemned "men," pretending the Muslim savages attacking European women were no different from the cultured European males who tend to treat women with courtesy and respect. 

A note Muslim cleric explained the attacks: The victims were to blame because they were pretty and smelled nice. Had they been covered head-to-toe in hijabs, the savages would have ignored them. 

The women attack on New Year eve got what was coming to them?

Feminists apparently agree. 

Like Muslims, feminists view attractive women as "objectified." 

Dressing attractively and wearing perfume is anathema to pseudo-feminism. Feminist want women to be masculine, hairy, and brutish. 

The feminine women attacked on New Years eve got what was coming to them, from a feminist perspective. It's what they deserve for being feminist. 

Next target of the misogynistic, anti-feminine feminists? The 1950s housewife. How dare they not pretend to be men! 

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  1. both stupid too, and easily manipulated into a cult.

  2. Feminists and Muslims have more than that in common: Hatred of traditional Western Civilization.