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January 17, 2016 -- Where are the feminists?

An Islamic cleric made headlines — and waves — when he espoused the notion that women's sole role is baby making. Gender equality, he said, is against Islam. 

Where are the feminists?

Granted, women are genetically engineered for reproduction, but to assume that is their sole purpose is patently misogynistic.

Where are the feminists?

They are encouraging Islamic insurgency into the West. Neo-feminism is patently anti-woman. It exploits women to advance the agenda of cultural Marxism: The displacement of Western culture. 

 Aboobacker Musliar, an internationally known Sunni Islamic scholar based in the southern Indian state of Kerala, has been in the headlines recently for his misogynistic statements. 

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Zeitgeist Liberalism (Part 2)
Aboobacker Musliar is the chief of the All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama, a religious organization belonging to the Barelvi school of Sunni Islam. Early this year, Aboobacker Musliar visited New Zealand, where he is establishing a mosque to further his religious influence. 

On January 2, he posted a message on his certified Facebook page: "The western Hamilton city of New Zealand, where more than two hundred families of Muslims live without a single Masjid [mosque] in the province except the one in the East. 

Some of our brothers have bought land in the West and want to build a masjid which will accommodate three hundred worshipers and to be a beacon of Islam in the area. If anyone wish to built or contribute in this great endeavour, please contact us."

On January 4, he posted: "Touched down Wellington International Airport, New Zealand. Thank you for the grand reception. Many brothers turned out to the Kiwi capital." —

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  1. New Zealand is one of the hardest countries to immigrate to but they let this POS go there and build a mosque?