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January 31, 2016 -- In a culture where parents are placed at risk for transporting children without specially designed restraints or seat belts, it's hard to imagine the media giving a pass to the hordes of Islamic insurgents who risk the lives of children while crossing the Aegean Sea.

Photos emerged across the mainstream media Saturday of Islamic insurgents being rescued after their boat capsized at sea. 37 insurgents died in that mishap, ten of them were children. 

The media tugged on our emotions by reminding us of three-year-old Alan Kurdi and the image of the tot lying face down on a Turkish beach last year. The boy lost his life due to his father's irresponsibility. 

Google 'Muslim slave trade' and click on images. 
While we rescue them, they gang rape our women.
One photo emerged from Anadolu/Getty Images depicting a blonde-haired European rescue working assisting dark-haired Muslim who was obviously suffering emotional distress. While rescue workers' altruism is a credit to our culture, it's hard to imagine Muslims rescuing Europeans. 

Rather, the Barbary Coast has a centuries-old legacy of dark-haired Muslims enslaved millions of Europeans, often murdering the men while retaining the white women as sex slaves. In recent weeks the alternative media have been ablaze with sordid tales of hordes of Islamic males gang raping women throughout Germany.

Europeans risk their lives to rescue Muslims who invade their land and rape their women. 

Those who acknowledge reality are destined to be stereotyped as racists and xenophobes. 

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