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January 17, 2016 -- He's pro-abortion and anti-gun. 

Donald Trump suggested a "very good" vice-presidential candidate this week, and named former the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown. 

Brown was the first Republican senator to call for a ban on "assault" weapons following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012. He says he supports the right to bear arms. 

He describes himself as pro-choice, meaning he advocates the legalization of baby killing and backs Roe v Wade as "the law of the land". 

On the AmericansElect immigration question, Sen. Brown chose 'C' from the list below:
Which of the following solutions come closest to your opinion?
A. All illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US legally
B. Most illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US, with some exceptions
C. Most illegal immigrants should be deported, with some exceptions
D. All illegal immigrants should be deported — [source]
Trump's strategy may be to balance the ticket with a RINO.

Brown seems to be alone in describing himself as a Reagan Republican. 

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Zeitgeist Liberalism (Part 2)

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  1. No politician can be trusted including Trump.What I do like about Trump is that he has the guts to say what most politicians would be afraid to address. Trump is a ruthless billionaire.What would he know about struggling families that live pay check to pay check?He is also a sexist.That being said I will vote for him considering the alternative.I don't like the idea of Trump choosing a pro abortion candidate. Is Trump really a liberal?

  2. Should Trump pick Scott Brown, it is still far better than the other options we have. I am a fiscal conservative, pro-choice but I really want Planned Parenthood cleaned up making it mandatory to present abortion candidates with all the options. I am pro gun. I am an environmentalist. I want every illegal alien deported, period. I want a sane and rational ‘what is best for the U.S.’ immigration system that takes into account that the U.S. is a small country and massive legal and illegal immigration and work visas contribute to the destruction of our middle class, contributes to our national debt, destroys our identity as a nation, and severally stresses our natural resources, National Parks, wilderness, open lands, and agricultural land. I represent a lot of voters. If the Republican Party runs a New World Order neo-con or a bible thumper who wants everyone to march to their religious views, I will stay home again. We are too spiritually diverse as a nation to be ruled by a single spiritual belief system, like that fact or not, but we can be ruled by the U.S. Constitution. Evangelicals (which are split anyway) alone cannot elect a President. Trump is our best option at this time, even with Scott Brown if he picks him.

  3. Goldman Sachs will provide you a president.