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January 23, 2016 -- He was told it was an automatic DQ — "disqualifier."

Anthony Bauswell, 18, wanted to join the Marines.  His cultural pride stood in the way, in spite of the armed forces policy of being 'multicultural.'

Bauswell sported a tattoo on his ribs that read, 'Southern Pride,' and was accompanied by a Confederate flag. 

The world's largest hate group, Islam, has it's own
insignias implemented by the US military.
The next time you hear the predatory left spout off about inclusion and multiculturalism, remember Anthony Bauswell and remember their inclusion is not all inclusive and their multiculturalism isn't panculturalism. 

Other symbols are not only condoned, but were implemented by the military. 

Islam, the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group, has its own military insignia implemented in 1993. Preachers of Islamic hate are assigned a crescent relative to the branch of the military in which they are assigned. The Army, Navy, and Air Force each have their own crescent insignia representing the religion of hate. 

A young Greenbrier man wanting to join the military said he was turned away because of his tattoo. 

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Covered in camouflage, 18-year-old Anthony Bauswell said he is like most country boys. He likes to hunt, fish and be outdoors. He shows his pride of his upbringing in his tattoos. 

"I got a browning buck right there," said Anthony Bauswell. To show pride in his country, Bauswell said he walked into the Conway Marine recruiting center Monday to enlist. The process stopped after he revealed another tattoo. 

"There's the tattoo it clearly states southern pride," said Bauswell. —

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