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January 19, 2016 -- Vadim Tolstykh, a recent arrival from Russia, may have not known to avoid certain neighborhoods.

Tolstykh stopped at White Castle on New Years eve where he was brutally assaulted by two black males. 

The victim was placed on life support and has since endured two brain surgeries. 

Arrested is 32-year-old Russhawn Townsend. 

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One of the two men who was assaulted was taken to University Hospital with serious injuries -- including a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain, according to police. Police say that, while in surgery, that man had a stroke. As of Wednesday, Jan. 13, he was on life support, and it was unclear if he would recover from his injuries. The other victim suffered swelling and bruises to his face. —
He was out with Emily and some friends for New Year's when they stopped early that morning for food at the White Castle on Bardstown Road. Emily said they had been partying, but not overly so, and Tolstykh wasn't the kind of guy to pick a fight. Tolstykh's cousin said words were exchanged with at least two men inside the White Castle and when Tolstykh went outside, he was attacked. Emily was in the car and didn't see it, but Tolstykh's cousin told her he was jumped, and never had a chance to fight back. Tolstykh's cousin said the two men responsible hopped in a car and drove off. Police are still investigating and no arrests have been made. Tolstykh moved to Louisville about eight or nine years ago from Russia. His family is at his bedside and they hope those responsible will be caught. White Castle said they do have cameras inside and out, and are cooperating with police. It's unclear whether they captured any of the fight, and how it started. —
The regressive left believes we should fret over imagined white-on-black micro-aggressions, but ignore black-on-white macro-aggression that lead to permanent brain damage and death. 

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