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January 21, 2016 -- Reginald Carr was 23 at the time. Jonathan was 20.

What they did was horrifying. 

The Carr brothers were convicted and sentenced to death for a seven-day string of crimes in December 2000. Most infamously, the two men invaded a home in an east-side neighborhood of Wichita. There, over the course of about three hours, they forced three men to have sex with two women. 
They compelled the two women to have sex with each other. Jonathan raped one woman and attempted to rape the other. Reginald raped one of the women.
The Carrs then drove the five victims to a soccer field and forced them to kneel in the snow. One of the Carr brothers shot each victim in the back of the head. The state never definitively established the identity of the shooter.
Killed were Jason Befort, 26; Brad Heyka, 27; Aaron Sander, 29; and Heather Muller, 25. The fifth victim survived when the bullet apparently bounced off a plastic hair clip she was wearing.  —
The crime occurred in 2000. The United States Supreme Court upheld the death penalty in the Carr brothers case in and 8-to-1 decision yesterday. It was a rare instance when conservative and liberal justices agreed. 

The sole dissenting opinion came from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Sotomayor said she did not believe the cases should have been reviewed by the Supreme Court. —

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  1. Thank God the Carr's convictions were upheld!

    Why on earth would Soto dissent just because she didn't think the Supreme Court should have heard the case? That makes no sense at all but then I bet she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  2. "The Wise Latina"