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January 3, 2016 -- The people who believe we should accommodate hijabs — the Klan-like hood worn by the world's largest hate group — has a beef with those who want to dress like Indians. 

The Daily Mail (UK) says fans were distressed that Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky donned native American attire during a New Year's bash. 

Let's put this in perspective: Bruce Jenner can dress like a girl but the noted Australian actors are forbidden to dress like Indians. 

That causes one to pause: Why is it socially astute to praise Jenner when he wants to self identify as an woman, but hell-fire-and-brimstone-unacceptable for Hemsworth and Pataky to self-identifying as Indians? 

Recall Elizabeth Warren self-identified as an Indian, and the left-leaning media endowed her with praise. 

Who writes the rules regarding such offenses? What ARE the rules regarding such offenses? 

Some say the unknown "rule" is centered on offending people groups. 

It offends Indians, they contend. Therefore it is wrong. 


As an Indianian (technically, a "Hoosier"), would the predatory left rally in my defense were I offended were Hemsworth and Pataky to wear IU t-shirts? 

Probably not. 

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Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky have come under fire for dressing up as Native Americans at a New Year's Eve fancy dress party.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday night, 39-year-old Spanish actress Elsa shared a snap of the couple with family and friends at the event.

Posing behind a 'Wanted' sign, the couple pose in their Native American costumes alongside fellow guests while Luke Hemsworth appears to stand guard in a Sheriff suit and cowboy hat.

Fans were quick to condemn the pair for their choice of attire, with one Instagram user commenting: 'This is so disappointing to see. Native Americans are real, their culture is real.'

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