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January 26, 2016 -- Germany was once divided by the Berlin Wall. Now it's divided by immigration. 

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Unarmed Germans are buying pepper spray in record numbers. Shops that specialize in non-lethal pepper spray guns say they can't keep them stocked. 

Meanwhile, many Germans remain in denial. They continue to defend the displacement and destruction of their nation rather than be accused of 'racism.'

The globalist agenda is to destroy nations. The most efficient and effective means of destroying nations is through immigration. 

Germany is particularly targeted because it is Europe's strongest economy. It is the culture most capable of surviving as a nation in defiance of the globalist wave.

The strategy is to use the false pretense of refugees. The appeal to Western culture's pathological altruism in most effective in their own destruction. 

The objective is to create an international crisis that can only be resolved through a globalist agenda.

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