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January 26, 2016 -- Larry Peterson, 56, and Alex Ulrich, 40, had no money to give the armed bandit. 

So he fatally shot them. 

Quinton Decarlo Bass was sentenced Monday after being convicted of the crimes. 

He approached the unarmed victims in front of a bed-and-breakfast in Mount Vernon, Mass. in 2012.

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A city jury convicted a 28-year-old man on Monday in the killing of two men after a botched robbery in Mount Vernon in 2012.

Quinton Decarlo Bass faces up to two life sentences plus 140 years for fatally shooting Larry Peterson, 56, and Alex Ulrich, 40.

The verdict comes three years to the day that authorities say Bass tried to rob the men outside of Peterson's bed and breakfast next to the Belvedere Hotel, then opened fire after coming up empty-handed. Ulrich died that day; Peterson succumbed to his injuries nearly two years later.

Though the case took an unusual amount of time to go to trial, jurors took just two hours to convict Bass on all charges, including two counts of murder as well as robbery and handgun counts.

Assistant State's Attorney Tonya LaPolla told jurors that it was a "case of senseless violence on the streets of this city." She praised lead Detective Joshua Ellsworth, who has since left the Baltimore Police Department and returned from out of state to testify.

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