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January 1, 2016 -- Islam — the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group — trains kidnapped children as young as six and seven to blow themselves up.

Andrey Serenko, expert at the Center for Studies of Modern Afghanistan in Moscow, says:

There is a Taliban camp in the Ghormach District, in the northwestern Badghis Province. It is run by a rather well-known teacher named Mullah Qayyum. He prepares children for suicide bombing missions. Most of the children there have either been kidnapped or sold by their own parents. reports:

Another Taliban suicide bomber training camp is located in the northern province of Sar-e Pol, where many of the trainers come from Pakistan. Compared to the Kunduz camp, training at Sar-e Pol is very rapid, taking just three months. The Center for Studies of Modern Afghanistan counted up to seven children there in November.
Even the left-leaning CBS News admits:

It's a tactic perfected by the Taliban and other terrorist networks who systematically recruit and train child suicide bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And that's where we went to learn how children, as young as seven years old, are being turned into human bombs, with devastating effect.
Meanwhile, Hollywood liberals and leftist Democrat politician rail against those of us who oppose the Islamificaton of Western culture, stigmatizing and stereotyping us with hate speech and slurs such as Islamophobes and xenophobes.

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Terrorists use children because they can gain the trust of potential victims more readily, said Natalia Kharitonova of the Crisis Situations Research Center (CSRC) in Malta. It was also easier for children to get close to potential target areas. "They are more effective than adult suicide bombers, but their use has its limits. For instance, they really can't carry out car bombings," Kharitonova said.

That could well be the reason that prices paid for child suicide bombers are lower than those paid for adults in Afghanistan and Pakistan. "Children are usually outfitted with IEDs (improvised explosive devices), which are remotely detonated. Sometimes the children don't even know what they are actually doing," Natalia Kharitonova told DW.

Many kidnappings in Afghanistan

The crisis research expert theorized that many of the children at the camps are those of fighters who had been killed in battle. Since their ongoing care cost a lot of money, she suspected that such children were sold off as soon as possible. She made that assumption based on reports from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Andrey Serenko believed "Islamic State" was preparing suicide attacks using women and children in Syria. However, only men were being trained in "IS" camps in Afghanistan right now.

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