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January 28, 2016 -- Smart people tend to be healthier. Researchers conclude there is a link between intelligence and 'how our bodies manage diseases and intelligence.'

That's the conclusion reported this week by Britain's Daily Mail

The regressive left is rebuffed by the reality of IQ disparity. It contradicts their absurd notion that we are all the same and annuls their perennial misguided efforts as social justice warriors. 

My conclusion is that smart people make smart choices based on their ability to retain knowledge and their ensuing comprehension and application.

The correlation between low intelligence and bad health also bodes not well for nations that are importing hordes of parasitic Islamic insurgents from regions where IQs average around 85. Those migrants will be less healthier than natives and will burden their host countries with future health care costs. 

Researchers from Scotland analysed data from around 100,000 people held in the UK Biobank. 

They compared each person's mental test data with their genome and found that traits linked to disease and thinking skills shared the same genetic influences.  

In particular, the international team of scientists led by the University of Edinburgh found 'significant negative genetic correlations' between a person's education and verbal-numerical reasoning skills and Alzheimer's disease, coronary artery disease and strokes. 

In other words, well-educated people who excel at problem solving are less likely to contract the conditions.

Greater risk of type 2 diabetes was also associated with leaving school or college early, and lower verbal-numerical scores.

Clever people were also less likely to be overweight. 

The team found there was a negative genetic correlation between body mass index and verbal-numerical reasoning, while a greater risk of high blood pressure was associated with lower education.

The researchers explained: 'Our results provide comprehensive new findings on the overlaps between cognitive ability levels, genetic bases for health-related characteristics such as height and blood pressure, and physical and psychiatric disorders even in mostly healthy, non-diagnosed individuals.

'They make important steps toward understanding the specific patterns of overlap between biological influences on health and their consequences for key cognitive abilities.

'For example, some of the association between educational attainment - often used as a social background indicator - and health appears to have a genetic [cause].'

However, the team added: 'It has not escaped our notice that there are multiple possible interpretations of these genetic correlations
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