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January 10, 2016 -- Denying the IQ disparity between races is akin to debating the law of gravity. There is no debate; only denial. 

See video below.

The intent of denial is to accommodate the cultural Marxism myth that race is nothing more than a social construct. That allows Marxism to evoke white racism as the cause of economic disparities between races. 

In reality the correlation between IQ and income in free markets is indisputable. East Asian households earn more than white households in America because East Asians tend to have higher intellects. Likewise, white households have higher incomes than black households. 

The damage caused by IQ disparity denial is made evident in the health care of those with lower intellects. Those individuals are denied access to proper care when health care professionals are compelled to pretend low-intellect people have the same comprehension as high-intellect individuals. 

The conservation between Prof. Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux is essential for those who wish to know the truth about race and intellgence. 

Linda Susanne Gottfredson is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Delaware and co-director of the Delaware-Johns Hopkins Project for the Study of Intelligence and Society.

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