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January 17, 2016 -- Pedro Ramirez Rocha, 43, entered a guilty plea after being indicted on four counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12. 

His victim was ten-years-old girl at the time of the crime.

The parents of the victim agreed to a plea deal rather than force their daughter to endure the stress of a trial. The convict will spend five years in jail without parole. 

"Based on his citizenship status, it is likely Rocha will be deported back to Mexico as soon as he finishes that five-year sentence," Rushing said. 

Rushing added that Rocha was arrested while using the alias of Ishmael Sada and that he "was not in the country legally." 

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A hold order on Ramirez Rocha has also been placed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for being in the country illegally. Investigators said that beginning in August 2014, Ramirez Rocha was accused of having the girl watch pornography with him while he touched her inappropriately. 

The child abuse was brought to light when the girl told an adult, who reported it to authorities. 

"I’m just glad the little girl had the courage to come forward and tell someone what was going on," Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said. "If not, this abuse and molestation could still have been going on." —

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