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January 14, 2016 -- The mainstream Marxist media continue to lose credibility as it denies the role played by Islamic insurgents in attacking women in Europe. 

Like urban savages in America, Islamic insurgents choose soft targets in Europe. That translates in to women mystified by the myth of feminism that they are capable of defending themselves against hordes of aliens. (You did see Star Wars, correct?)

Two teenage girls from Britain have come forward this week to dispel that myth. The girls were subjected to harassment. The 18-year-old told how they were groped and sexually assaulted by a mob of "men" in Paris on New Years eve. 

The pair have both waived their anonymity to come forward about the assault. The two girls were dancing at around 1am when a group of men started to touch them both. Ms Fior said: "Men started touching us in places we found quite inappropriate places. "The police did come up to us and asked if there was anything we wanted them to do but because they weren't able to communicate with us in English they just dismissed it and walked off." —
Authorities wonder what they can do. 

See more below. 

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She added: "There were loads of men behind us manoeuvring their hands through people in order to get to us."

The pair said they were "angry" and "frustrated" by the incident but joined the centre of a crowd of people and continued to dance.

It was then Ms Fior was forced to the ground and grotesquely sexually assaulted by a group of men who "ripped" off her clothes.

She said: "Within a spilt second a man had groped my bum and I turned around to see who it was to tell him to stop and that's when all the men attacked me and made me fall to the floor.

"They grabbed my clothes and completely ripped them apart. I was sitting butt naked on the floor. I had a unitard on so once they ripped one part of it the whole thing just came apart.

"Then they started grabbing areas of my body and then they snapped my chains off and that's when they started penetrating me with their hands.

"I was under so much shock."

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. Women need to go out in groups with GUNS!

    1. and stop voting and supporting cultural marxism.