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January 16, 2016 -- Only in the demented mindset of regressive liberalism could one concoct the concept of a fuel tax to pay for Islamic insurgents invading your own country. 

It is our opinion that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is demented. Schaeuble effectively wants to fund the invasion of the enemy Islamic army that is overwhelming his nation, raping the women, and displacing his culture. 

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has proposed an additional EU-wide gasoline tax to raise the necessary finances to cope with the refugee crisis. 

"I have said that if the funds in the national budgets and the European budget are not enough, let us agree, for example, that we impose a levy on each liter of gasoline at a certain height," the CDU politician told the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung " (Saturday).

 Schäuble wants to introduce "coalition of the willing." — (translated)

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