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January 14, 2016 -- As mobs of Islamic insurgents sexually assault hundreds of German women, the police are finally taking action ... against citizen patrols!

Rather than investing their resources in protecting Germans, the cops are going after those who are going after the Islamic thugs. 

Muslims in Europe are a de facto protected class. 

One groups of citizen patrols claims to have 13,000 members. We would expect police to appreciate the support. While officers may be grateful, those in authority are not. 

Among patriots arrested is Ivan Jurevic, the kick boxing champion who rescued two young women under assault by Islamic insurgents. 

While police have failed to make any sizeable number of arrests following the new year’s eve sex attacks, they have acted with commendable efficiency in arresting those opposing migrant rape gangs, including the ‘Hero of Cologne’ Ivan Jurevic. Standing at seven feet tall and enjoying a catalogue of world body building championship titles the former special forces soldier became a minor internet celebrity after uploading his account of “beating up” migrants who tried to molest girls, as reported by Breitbart London. 

Telling of his astonishment at the behaviour of the immigrant attackers and saying “I always thought this stuff would be some sort of right wing propaganda. But it was real!”, Mr. Jurevic was arrested this weekend after he decided to put his unique skills to use and joined a vigilante patrol, reports the Daily Mail. —

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