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January 9, 2016 -- Authorities in Germany don't want you to know the extent of crime committed by so-called "refugees." 

A police official in Frankfurt revealed that cases of foreign suspects are immediately set aside. The informant said Frankfurt police have strict instructions from the Board of Directors to not report offenses committed by refugees unless members of the press directly ask about a specific case.

Members of the press seldom ask. 

The reason? The media fears reporting on crime committed by "refugees" will be exploited by the far right resulting in bias against those seeking asylum.  

Michael Shaikh, spokesman for the Interior Ministry Hessian, admits to a "The press offices-managers were advised that the issue of refugees' would be exploited by rights -wing extremists and selectively stoke sentiment against those seeking protection." — [transliterated from German]
A naked woman showed up with a sign reading, "We are not a fair game, even if we are naked," at the site of mass attacks by Muslims on German. 

The term "refugee" is a misnomer.  In reality the hordes of Muslims invading Europe in recent months are out-of-control Islamic insurgents.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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