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January 25, 2016 -- As if there were ever a doubt: The objective of feminism is to destroy Western culture. Its Trojan Horse of 'women's rights' is a mere ploy to wreck our culture by destroying traditional families. Feminism cares nothing about women. It merely exploits them. 

That became evident in Sweden where feminists are concerned with protecting rapefugees while ignoring their victims. 

From Gatestone Institute:

[The National Police Chief, Dan] Eliasson is supposed to head an investigation into why the police withheld information on how "Rapefugees" attacked Swedish girls at the music festival "We Are Sthlm" [short for Stockholm] in August 2015?

When the news of the mass sexual assaults finally broke in early January, it was clear that the men involved had been so-called "unaccompanied refugee children." Some 90 young men were apprehended by the police in connection with the sexual assaults. "According to an internal police report," Dagens Nyheter wrote, "there was a large group of young people, 'mostly Afghan refugee kids', who stood out at the concert."

In a similar scandal, it was also recently revealed that Swedish girls were sexually assaulted by groups of young men "of foreign background" in the summer of 2015, during a music festival in Malmö's Pildammsparken park. The photographer Freddy Mardell told internet radio station Granskning Sverige that he witnessed the chaos, with crying, hysterical girls. Mardell took photographs and offered them to local daily newspaper, Kvällsposten. The newspaper declined to publish them.

It is also now clear that girls were attacked by large groups of Muslim men on New Year's Eve in the Swedish cities of Kalmar and Malmö as well. The daily newspaper Kvällsposten reported that "gangs of young men surrounded inebriated girls on New Year's Eve in Malmö." Incidents happened in several locations in Malmö city, around the King's Park and Central Station.

One police report read: "Something that stood out compared to earlier years was that a couple of hundred that I perceive as 'unaccompanieds from Afghanistan' drifted around the city, causing mayhem. There were several cases of large gangs surrounding mostly intoxicated girls/women and molesting them." In Kalmar, where people had gathered in the square, Larmtorget, to celebrate, several girls were subjected to sexual molestation. So far, 16-17 complaints have been filed to the police.


"Lisa" told the local paper, Barometern:

"We stood at the edge of the square at first, but we noticed immediately how many men were in the square and when we went out there, things got really unpleasant. These were men who did not speak Swedish, men of all ages. They surrounded us and started groping; they also took hold of people's heads and forcibly kissed their cheeks and foreheads. When we told them to leave or stop, they just laughed at us and asked 'What have I done?' We have all reported this to the police. It is outrageous that one should have to be afraid to go out at night or ride a bus alone in the evening. And we are not the only ones who have had this experience; I have girlfriends in Kalmar who say that they would rather not go out by themselves after dark. One thing is for sure, I will never celebrate New Year's in Kalmar again, I would rather stay with my parents at home."

Swedish feminists appear to be the group least upset by the "Rapefugee" attacks. They turn their backs on the victims by refusing to acknowledge that mass sexual abuse such as Taharrush is part of Sweden's new reality.

During the past week, newspapers have been overflowing with opinion pieces in which various feminists claim that these attacks have nothing to do with religion or ethnicity, but with the bare fact that the perpetrators are men. One can draw only one conclusion: Feminists would rather protect Muslim men from criticism than protect Swedish women from sexual assaults. A recurring theme in the articles is the assertion that ethnic Swedish men act exactly the same as migrant gang-rapists.

Remarks by feminists go:

• The common denominator in sexual abuse is gender, not ethnicity.
• Swedish men's views on women is no better.• Criticism of sexual assaults by migrants is racism, disguised as concern for women.• Closed borders are not the answer to sexual harassment.
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  1. feminism was created in a rothschilds office in 1838.