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January 26, 2016 -- Hans-Joachim Maaz, noted psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel is für Gefahr — a danger — because she's lost touch with reality.

In an interview with leftist online rag, Huffington Post, Maaz said der Führer's policies are "totally irrational."

For him, Merkel is increasingly a threat to Germany and is in danger of a "nervous breakdown".   

In October Maaz noted that Merkel "had taken leave of her senses."

Now the situation has become significantly worse: Merkel has lost touch with reality, he said. 

Merkel doesn't care about compromised authority, divisions caused by the "migrant" crisis, and party infighting. 

He characterized Merkel as "always defiant."

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  1. Sounds a lot like President Obama.

  2. They both need to be removed from office and locked up.