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January 17, 2016 -- At least one European leader gets it. 

Czech Republic president Milos Zeman noted cultural divergence in declaring Islam incompatible with Western life. 

What does Zeman know that other European leaders are missing?

Probably nothing. 

Most European leaders — including Germany's Angela Merkel — are fully aware that Islam is incompatible with Western values. Some don't care, others view Islamic insurgents as political allies, while many are intentionally destroying Western civilization.

The 71-year-old president is no far-right extremist. Rather, Zeman is a renowned leftist. 

His controversial remarks come amid growing fury in neighbouring Germany over a string of refugee sex attacks, with a poll today revealing nearly half of Germans now openly fear newly arrived migrants. 

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Zeitgeist Liberalism (Part 2)
Speaking on local TV the 71-year-old president said immigration from countries with “similar cultures”, including Ukraine and Vietnam, had benefitted Czech society. 

But he claimed recently arrived refugees from the Middle East have brought “ghettos and excluded localities” to Europe, referring to reports of radicalised Muslim neighbourhoods in cities including London and Paris. —

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