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January 5, 2016 -- It's called a false equivalence

It's defined as describing a situation of logical and apparent equivalence, when in fact there is none.

It's what pinheadian liberals do when they're at a loss for a valid argument. They do it quite frequently.

Global warming (aka, 'climate change') causes Islamic terrorism, said Bernie Sanders. That's a false equivalence. Patriots defending Western culture are Nazis, according to far-left politicians; another false equivalence. The patriots rallying in Oregon this week are akin to the rioters in Ferguson, Mo., some contend. That's more than a stretch. It's a false equivalence. 

Now comes forth one Dexter Thomas. 

The writer for the LA Times connects Republican presidential contender Donald Trump to Klanster David Duke. It's a false equivalence; otherwise known as a bald-face attempt at deception. Then he adds Sarah Palin and places them all in white nationalism box that is, of course, labeled racism.

Oddly, Dexter failed to attack Trump's hairdo. We're not sure why. 

If you see something, say something, advised Obama. 

I saw idiocy so I said something. See it for yourself here ►

Oh. Trump supporters may also be terrorists. 

Please report typos...

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Image credit: LA Times

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  1. Another black idiot with a bog brush hairdo dispensing his flatulence and stupidity. Spare it, boy. You low IQ morons have no idea of how to argue or present a case.