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January 24, 2016 -- We often hear liberals begin a controversial project by asserting, "We need to have a conversation about ..." — then fill in the blank.

True to Kenn's Law #70Liberals are consistently consistent about being inconsistent — a Canadian was charged with criminal harassment after engaging a lesbian in a Twitter conversation. 

That was 2012. 

Nearly four year and $100,000 in legal costs later, Gregory Alan Elliott has been found not guilty.


Greg’s tweets were far milder than some of the vile garbage I’ve seen come through my notifications. He never threatened anyone, and he never gave anyone reason to fear for their safety. All he did was argue with people that hated him so much they demanded he be shut down. 

I don’t believe Stephanie Guthrie or her cronies felt victimized for a second. We’re talking about people who have posted images of themselves drinking from mugs with “male tears” written on them, after all. They wanted Elliott to pay for having challenged them, nothing more. 

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The charges in Elliott’s protracted legal case have prohibited him from using the Internet, forced him to quit his job, and left him bankrupt. The last three years of Greg’s life have been hell, and he won’t ever get them back. Despite all this, I am joyful, Greg is joyful, and his sons are joyful. 

Free speech has won the day, and Greg won’t have to deal with the prospect of months of jail time or heavy fines. People opposed to speech rights won’t get the satisfaction of seeing Greg behind bars. Most importantly, legal precedent has been established to defend free expression. 

Canada is infamous for its ineffectual provisions for freedom of speech. Establishing the legal default to favour allowing offensive speech is a boon for speech rights in Canada. A new chapter of Greg’s life starts now. 

He’ll be able to return to some semblance of his prior life, free of the burden of ongoing criminal proceedings. He’ll be able to return to work, and continue making the artwork for which he is renowned. It’ll be a rocky road, but he has a lot of people on his side.

I hope you’ll be one of those people. Greg still has legal fees to pay and is hoping to get back to designing and doing his artwork. If you can, please contribute to the fundraiser Greg’s son Clayton has set up. Every bit of support helps. If defending speech is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Let’s keep pushing, and continue fighting for speech rights in Canada.

Patriots who have taken to social media to engage readers in conversation have discovered that the regressive left has no interest in conversing. Leftist will use hate speech and pejoratives to stereotype patriots as racist, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes, etc., then flag bomb the patriots' accounts to get them kicked off social media sites. 

Liberals have never welcomed honest conversations. Why should they? Logical discourse seldom works in the favor. As Kenn's Law #2 says, If liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals. 

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