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January 28, 2016 -- Britain's prime minister David Cameron came under fire today for referring to a bunch of migrants as "a bunch of migrants."

See video below.

Cameron was referring to the Islamic insurgents camped in Calais, France. 

The Muslim migrants have created a shanty town called the Calais Jungle camp. From there they hope to sneak across the English channel into Britain by stowing away on passing trucks, cars, or boats.

Last weekend hundreds of the insurgents stormed aboard a ferry destined for Britain. 

• The regressive left refers to free speech as hate speech in an effort to shush those with differing views. 

David Cameron was branded 'shameful' and 'callous' today after he described people in the Calais refugee camp as 'a bunch of migrants' during Prime Minister's Questions.

Mr Cameron is facing calls to apologise for using 'inflammatory language' as he ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn's visit to the makeshift French camp known as the Jungle last weekend.

The Prime Minister lost his temper with the Labour leader and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell after they criticised Google's controversial £130million tax deal.

He said: 'They met with a bunch of migrants in Calais and said they could come to Britain - the only people they never stand up for are hardworking British families.' 

Junior ministers immediately defended Mr Cameron insisting he was making clear his opposition to handing migrants in Calais a 'free pass' to enter the UK and Speaker John Bercow later ruled his language had not been 'unparliamentary'.

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  1. Sigh, they're not even migrants they are illegals aliens and invaders, or at best asylum seekers or refugees.