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January 10, 2016 -- Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. have two things in common: First, all three are governed by leftist loons and, second, violent crime in those cities spiked in 2015. 

Is there a correlation? 


Far-left governments don't guarantee violence or poverty. Several New England states are governed by the far left with little violence and low poverty rates. Likewise, until 1975 Sweden was a bastion of socialist stupidity but managed to provide a huge safety net for down-and-outers while keeping violent crime at incredible lows. 

However, when regions populated by individuals with IQs south of 80 are coupled with social-warrior governments, it's akin to touching a match to a powder keg. Neither match nor keg explodes without the other. Combined? Boom! 

That seems to be the case throughout the United States.

• Baltimore, Md. recorded 344 homicides in 2015. That's an all time per capita high. [source]

The homicide victims in Baltimore were almost exclusively black males killed by other black male. Considering the black population in that city is 395,781, we calculate that one of 2,023 blacks in Baltimore was murdered last year. The ratio is expressed as 1:2,023. 

Were that ratio superimposed across the nation, we would expect 19,773 blacks to have murdered in the United States last year. That assumes there are 40-million blacks living in the USA and one of 2,023 were murdered. 

The number is admittedly high. Nonetheless, it underscores the severity of black-on-black violent crime and the inability of liberal Democrats to effectively address it. In fact, policies of the far left — such as a ban on racial profiling — exacerbates black-on-black violence. 

• In Chicago, Il. there were 443 fatal shootings last year. 2,995 people were shot. 2,552 survived. 

If trends continue that rate will increase by 73 percent in 2016. 

Year-to-date (Jan. 9, 2016) there have been 19 fatal shootings in Chicago; or about 2.1 per day. Extrapolated over 365 days, we can expect 767 fatal shootings in that city this year. 

Overall, 111 people were shot in the first ten days of 2016, or 12.33 per day year-to-date. That translates into a projection of 4,500 shootings in Chicago in 2016. 

See Chicago crime stats here ►

• In Washington, D.C. there was a 54 percent increase in homicide year-over-year. 

105 were murdered in the nation's capital in 2014. 162 were murdered in 2015. 

See homicide rates for Washington here ►

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