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January 28, 2016 -- Ever notice the regressive left lavishes pejoratives and hate speech — words such as RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, ISLAMOPHOBE, WHITE PRIVILEGE, BIGOT, etc. — on those it hates, but complains when someone uses the n-word?

That reality was underscored in Indianapolis where a complaint was filed following a simple prank. 

Someone had arranged craft letters on a shelf to spell a racial pejorative. One woman took offense and posted a photo of the slur on Facebook. 

The local media picked up the story, leading to gushing apologies from the store's upper management. 

The offended woman is demanding an employee be fired. 

While the regressive left seldom hesitates to offend with pejoratives such as those listed above, it seeks to use hate speech as a pretext to silence free speech; but only the hate speech it dislikes. 

The regressive left displays dismay when it is offended; seldom when others are offended by their own hate speech. 

Michaels craft store responded after a racist slur found at one of its Indianapolis stores went viral.

A Facebook user, Bridgette Drake, posted a photo of the word n—– spelled out on a shelf using craft letters.

When asked about the message, an employee laughed and said it was “hilarious,” Drake wrote.

24-Hour News 8 reached out to Drake but did not hear back.

She said in her post the photo came from the store on East Washington Street.

She said she was offended and angry over the employee’s response. —

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