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January 16, 2016 -- When a group of Muslim-looking males were seen surveying a shopping mall in Vancouver, Canada, police investigated. 

The police, however, were criticized for racially profiling the suspects. Like the Texas clock boy episode, the mindset of America is being manipulated to ignore threats of terrorism. 

Reports say the suspects in Vancouver were video recording the shopping center. 

After the “three Middle Eastern looking” men were interviewed by police, authorities determined they had committed no crimes. 

We predict that Muslims in the USA and Canada will continue surveying public facilities until authorities become accustomed to their presence and weary of investigating them.

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UPDATE: Vancouver Police have since talked to the three men filming and say the trio is “completely innocent.”

Vancouver Police are trying to identify three men who were taking video of exits and entrances in Pacific Centre this week.

It happened on January 12 at around 6:30 p.m. VPD said in a release “three Middle Eastern looking” men entered the building and took video of the mall and various exits and entrances, focusing in particular on the Dunsmuir Street exit.

Security at the mall “tried locating [the] males but were unsuccessful,” according to an internal memo by Vancouver Police.

Vancouver Police say the incident was suspicious but say at this time, they do not believe the men have committed a crime or that the public is at risk.

“Police are interested in speaking with them about their activity in the mall,” they wrote in a statement on the evening of January 14.

“Public safety remains our top priority and we are working with mall security and management to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.”

VPD Chief Cst. Adam Palmer said they are conducting an investigation into identifying the men and clarified in a press conference on Friday morning that this was an internal memo that was obtained by a news outlet and was not authorized for release.

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  1. this is what is destroying western white nations pc correctness its anything but, if you are smart you can figure who is behind this.

  2. Let's see......I know they were taking video of the architectural style of the building so they can go home and build one of their own.And camels can fly!