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January 8, 2016 -- Wolfgang Albers, Cologne, Germany's police chief, has been effectively forced to retire after allegations surfaced that he withheld information on the New Years Eve' sexual assaults.

An estimated 1,000 Islamic "refugees" randomly attacked German women with impunity. 

North Rhine Westphalia's Interior Minister Ralf Jäger made the announcment to journalists in the state capital of Düsseldorf on Friday.

Politicians continue to hedge on the New Years eve attack of over 100 Germany women by mobs of refugees. Some had the audacity to question if the attackers were asylum seekers. Chancellor Angela Merkel said we must examine again and again if we've done what is necessary.

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The interior minister said that he personally spoke to Albers and that the police chief showed "a great deal of understanding." The official decision came shortly after police were criticized for their inability to prevent around 1,000 men from robbing and sexually harassing women at Cologne's central station on December 31.

Police officials would now investigate the incidents of December 31 and "draw necessary conclusions," Jäger said. "People want to know, and rightly so, what happened on New Year's Eve, who the offenders were and how these incidents can be prevented," he told reporters.


Mayor blames police for lack of information

Cologne's police force was severely criticized after officers failed to prevent dozens of women from being robbed and molested by groups of men gathered at the city's central station. Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers was specifically accused of not informing the public about the attacks and withholding the countries of origin of the assaulters.

City mayor Henriette Reker also distanced herself from the police head, saying she was not given a complete picture of the security situation that night.

"I cannot accept the fact that as the mayor of this city, I get this information from the media, especially regarding the origin of the suspects who were investigated," Reker said in an official statement. Her "trust in the police leadership" had been "severely shaken" following the revelations, she added.

Police release two suspects

Authorities released two suspects a couple of hours after they were arrested in connection with sexual assaults in Cologne's central station on December 31, when groups of men robbed and harassed hundreds of women.

One of the alleged conmen was a 16-year-old from Morocco while the other was 23 years old and from Tunisia. Officers let them go owing to a lack of evidence, Cologne's prosecutor Benedikt Kortz told the dpa news agency.

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