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January 16, 2016 -- They come to Germany to escape terror. They find terror when they arrive in Germany.

'They' are Christians from Africa and the Middle East. Their ongoing ordeal underscores the insanity of granting sanctuary to Muslims. 

Muslims are ostensibly fleeing from violence in their homelands. In reality their religion is the source of the epidemic of violence. Islam is a deadly philosophical virus that effectively compels the human brain to cause havoc and bloodshed. 

Hegumen Daniil, a superior of the St George the Victorious Monastery in Gotschendorf, Germany has written to the Federal Minister for Special Affairs Peter Altmaier to highlight the persecution of Christians within Germany, Christian Today has reported.

 “Christian refugees from Syria, Eritrea and other countries are exposed to humiliation, manhunt and brutal harassment at the camps for refugees by Muslim neighbours,” he wrote. “The cases when humiliation comes to injuries and threats of death are frequent.” 

The plight of migrant Christians living within the centres is already well understood – in September Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow of the state of Thuringia, one of the central cheerleaders for a multicultural Germany, was forced to enact a policy of segregating different cultures upon arrival in his state. —

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