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January 18, 2016 -- Lord Christopher Francis Patten, Chancellor at Oxford University, had strong words for student protesters: If they don't like the statue of Cecil Rhodes, they can go to school elsewhere. 

Students are demanding the Rhodes statue be removed because they are ungrateful for the massive life enhancements Western culture bestowed upon the native peoples of sub-Saharan Africa. 

Rhodes found Rhodesia in 1895 and introduced free education and healthcare to millions of black Africans. The real estate is currently occupied by Zambia and Zimbabwe, the latter governed by Robert Mugabe who is celebrating his 92nd birthday with am $800,000 bash, compliments of taxpayers.   

Lord Patten yesterday rejected this view, insisting students who cannot reconcile Oxford's historic links with Rhodes should 'think about getting their education elsewhere'. 


And he said creating 'bland' safe spaces at university would be 'treason', suggesting they would be similar to institutions in China. —
One of the four pillars of a strong culture is a sense of history. Another is comprised of icons and symbols. The predatory left attempts to destroy Western culture by demonizing or erasing our sense of us. 

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