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January 13, 2016 -- The regressive left has invented yet another form of racism: 'implicit racism.' 

Add that to other forms of imaginary racism including white privilege, micro-aggressions, and trans-generational trauma from slavery. 

Oregon State University is hosting a workshop that teaches gullible people to detect racism where none exists. Implicit racism or implicit bias can be experienced in everyday, mundane activities such as ordering coffee at Starbucks. 

It's "part of a nine-day commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. The workshop will teach students 'to uncover and challenge the implicit biases that contribute to injustice," reports

The apparent attempt is to hypersensitive white Americans with a false sense of guilt by interpreting every thought and action as racist. Blacks and other nonwhites will likewise interpret benign words and actions of whites as racism, creating a false sense of victimhood.
Among these “implicit biases that contribute to injustice” is “ordering coffee,” according to the workshop’s description. “What do the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Fair Housing Act in late June, recent killings of black men by white police officers, and a person ordering coffee at Starbucks have in common? Answer: Implicit bias,” the description states. Implicit biases, according to the event description, are “stereotypes that influence our perceptions, judgements, and behaviors in an unconscious manner,” meaning an act as unconscious as ordering coffee could be a bias incident that contributes to injustice. —
In reality the workshop merely proves that white racism is nonexistent, leaving the predatory left no alternative but to concoct boogeyman scenarios. Without racism the cultural Marxism narrative — that whites are the bourgeois oppressors and non-white are their proletariat victims — fails.

The workshop is called, “Making the Unknown Known: Exploring Implicit Bias in Everyday Life” and smacks of a secular cult. The workshop will stretch over nine days.

Implicit racism is the stuff that makes otherwise rational humans consider peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and NASCAR are racist. 

Not mentioned in the workshop: Buying ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, opposing the Second Amendment, and voting for Democrats are also expressions of implicit racism.

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  1. In this age of political correctness, being called a racist is now a badge of honor.