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January 21, 2016 -- Police in Cologne were on apparently stand-down orders and stood idly by while hundreds of German women were sexually molested by slugs from Arab and North African nations. 

The latest victim count stood at 821 German women.

Police finally responded ... after four hours!

A bombshell dossier lifted the lid on the shocking failures of officers to protect women being groped and raped by rampaging refugees during the horrific attacks on New Year's Eve. 
It reveals how police waited more than FOUR HOURS to take action against the migrants perpetrating the horrific sexual assaults - by which time more than 200 attacks including gang rapes had already taken place.

The damning report, compiled by Germany's Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, will fuel growing anger over authorities' handling of the Cologne sex attacks amid suspicions politically correct authorities wanted to cover up the crimes to protect Angela Merkel's open door immigration policy. 

Shockingly it reveals how weeping women ran to officers for sanctuary as early as 8.30pm on the night to tell them they had been sexually assaulted by gangs of migrants.

But rather than acting on the reports officers just stood idly by, letting carnage and mass rape unfold before finally stepping in just before 1am to break up the gangs of roaming refugees. 

The distressing dossier also lists the final victim count at 821 women, many of whom were groped and sexually attacks, as the full scale of the carnage in Cologne is finally revealed despite systematic attempts to cover it up. 

It reveals how the first "rape by a group" took place at just 8.30pm, when police began to receive reports of the horrific scenes unfolding in the historic cathedral city's central square. 

But Mr Jäger scathingly notes that police failed to act until 12.50am - and even then bungling officers failed to apprehend any of the migrant sex attackers.

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  1. Yet they blasted nationalists protesting these attacks with water cannons.
    Remember a few years back when the German Government tried to bribe German woman to have more babies? Now I read Belgium authorities are giving their terrorists "how to flirt with local woman" pamphlets.
    Importing 720k young North African men in one year alone in Germany (with 10x more to come), sounds like this is EU's population boost plan B, with the local woman as part of the calculations.
    With the tax payers playing the part of the provider fathers and consent just being an afterthought.