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January 12, 2016 -- A black mob attacked a man on bicycle in Baltimore this week. The man was fatally stabbed and beaten. 

Don't be shocked if you hear nothing from the national media. 

29-year-old Robert Ponsi was accosted by a savage mob as he rode his bike. He was beaten, stabbed, and robbed. 

Two teens have been arrested;  17-year-old Antwan Eldridge and 16-year-old Daquan Middleton. Police are searching for others who participated in the crime. 

The victim was employed as a server at a local restaurant.

• Imagine the media frenzy were a black man brutally murdered by a white mob. That, of course, never happens outside the fantasy world of Hollywood and in the imaginations of leftists who skew history to fit their cultural Marxist narrative.

We are constantly reminded of alleged white lynch mobs that randomly attacked blacks in the old South. We are not told that one-third of the lynching victims were white nor that the lynchings were not random. 

We were not told of the black-on-white "lynching" that took the life of Robert Ponsi, except in the local media.

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Baltimore City police continue their search for those responsible for the murder of a 29-year-old, killed while he was riding his bike.

Police have arrested two teens, but they say there are more suspects.

Marcus Washington with the latest on the investigation and reaction from friends of the victim, Robert Ponsi.

Ponsi was a sever at a Harbor East restaurant. Many of the people he worked with say they are still in shock. They were planning to help Robert celebrate his 30th birthday, which would have been Tuesday.

While on his bike in the Waverly area of Baltimore, police say 29-year-old Robert Ponsi was approached by a group.

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  1. groids are the problem. bless the victims soul.