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January 19, 2016 -- Jody M. Brooks, 22, was sentenced to 62 years in prison for the beating death of a 52-year-old North Vernon, Ind. man. 

Reports say the body of Richard Smith was found in a dumpster in 2014. He had been beaten, stripped, and robbed. 

Also arrested was Jovonnie Mayes, 21.

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Court documents reveal a man found dead in the trash in North Vernon was stripped naked and beaten to death.

Jody Brooks, 22, and Jovonnie Mayes, 21, appeared in Jennings County Court this morning to hear the charges against them.

Police say the two men murdered 52-year-old Richard Smith.

According to new court documents, Smith was passed out from drinking in a building hallway when the two men, whom he didn't know, attacked him.

Witnesses told police they saw Brooks and Mayes drag Smith outside, continue kicking him, then take all his clothes off and throw him in the garbage.

The two suspects went before a judge this morning for a crime the Jennings Co. prosecutor says he's never seen anything like in all his years on the job.

Court documents filed Wednesday reveal more.

The first North Vernon officer on the scene noted:

"...I found an older white male subject who was completely naked and covered in blood."

Less than 12 hours later, police arrested Brooks and Mays, thanks in part to witness statements.

Court documents state: "Mr. Brooks and Mr. Mayes had also been drinking that night but were not passed out. When they left an apartment at this address, they started kicking Mr. Smith and drug him outside. Once outside, they undressed him and continued to kick him and placed him naked in the dumpster."

Police say the two men raided Smith's wallet, then took off.  It was a random act of violence with no link between Smith and his attackers.

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