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January 22, 2016 -- 74 percent of Austrians say the current "refugee" crisis is doing more harm than good to their nation. 

9 percent — who we presume, are either idiots, globalists, Marxist zombies, or "refugees" — thought the crisis was good for Austria. 

About one-third of Austrians say the crisis is a pretext for civil war. 

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The date comes from parallel studies from Linzer Spectra Institute of Austria and the Munich IMAS Institute of Germany, which were presented on Friday.

57 percent in Germany, where brainwashing seems more intense, though the crisis was bad for their nation. 12 percent had good feelings about their culture being displaced by Islamic insurgents.  

34 percent of Austrians and 25 percent of Germans fear worse. They agreed with the statement: "If it goes on with the mass immigration so, there will be civil war-like conditions with us soon." —
Those who express opinions contrary to the globalist agenda are stigmatized and stereotyped with false allegations of racism and xenophobia.

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Half of Austrians see prosperity threatened

Basically, the attitude towards foreigners is influenced in both countries by skepticism or rejection, the Austrians have even more reservations. This is especially evident in the responses to individual aspects of immigration. So my 48 percent of Austrians and 32 percent of Germans that "our way of life is displaced" by the Einwandung of people from the Middle East and North Africa, more and more. Already had enough foreigners in Austria, said half of the interviewees in Germany said that one-third. In both countries, one also sees the jobs of their own people at risk (Austria: 42 percent, Germany 30 percent.).
Positive aspects of immigration that have been well reported in the questionnaires clearly found less approval. Most likely, the interviewees expect a colorful and interesting culture (17 per cent of Austrians, 21 of the German). The conclusion that the words of welcome is a testament to the delight of locals for Refugees at stations is, at least not right: Only 11 percent of Austrians say yes, in Germany 21 per cent.

The surveys of opinion research institutes have been carried out in December of last year. Both in Austria and in the ten times larger Germany took 1,000 people participated.

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