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January 18, 2016 -- White privilege is a surrogate term for "racist."

See video below.

It is a cold, calculated method devised by the regressive left to make anti-white hatred acceptable. 

When Hillary said being born in a middle class family is white privilege, she is contending that being white and middle class constitutes racism. When she says attending college was white privilege, she is effectively accusing all white college students of being racist. 

• Cultural Marxism "sees" the non-existent white privilege in every aspect of our lives allow white people be hated in everything they say and do. 

In reality, all people are privileged. The innovations of Western culture has enhanced the lives of all people everywhere. 

The advancements in technology — particularly in heath care and food production — has made all humanity privileged to be living at the point in history. 

• The white privilege zeitgeist creates the false illusion that white people have an unfair advantage. 

In reality, people groups that benefit from Western technology but had not direct part is creating it are privileged to enjoy its life enhancements. 

That alternate reality is akin to psychosis. 

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  1. When someone says "white privilege", I ask them if Chinese in China have Chinese privilege or if Ethiopians have in Ethiopia, an Ethiopian privilege etc... This shuts them up because of course, people of a country have naturally or should have, advantages like mastering the language of that country or knowing more people. And different environments throughout the millenium have given also different types of advantage to different races. What next, complaining about the amphibian privilege of frogs?