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January 25, 2016 -- 2,000 residents of Calais, France rallied in support of a safe space for their city. 

The gathering comes two days after a mob of Islamic insurgents stormed the Calais port on the English Channel and forced their way onto a ferry. 

United under a large banner reading “my port is beautiful, my city is beautiful – support our city, our port, our businesses and our jobs,” they marched through the city center urging the authorities to do more to protect their once-peaceful existence. 

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According to the local prefecture, more than 2,000 people were present at the rally that called on local merchants and businesses from the port city to “support jobs.” The march was organized a day after a pro-refugee rally ended up in the brief migrant takeover of the Calais port. 

Attempts by migrants at crossing the Channel from France into England have continued unabated, causing delays and disruption to train services and truck routes. During the rally, which also gathered some 2,000 people comprising activists and migrants alike, several hundred protesters broke into the port, with some 50 of them boarding a UK-bound ferry. 

The port was forced to halt its duties as police struggled to restore order, eventually arresting several dozen intruders. The situation in the city became so heated that one local resident was forced to defend his home with a hunting rifle after being harassed by migrants during Saturday's pro-refugee march.

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