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January 8, 2016 -- Last year Sweden was dubbed the rape capital of the West, second only on earth to Lesotho in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Which nations in Europe now claim the most sexual harassment complaints in more recent years?

It seems Sweden, again, ranks at the top. Denmark ties for first place. 

Sweden's sudden rise to top of Europe's rape and harassment charts coincides with the influx of near-retarded male migrants from Muslim countries. The government forbids ethnic profiling of criminals, leaving researchers without statistics to document the connection between the increase of male Muslim hordes and the spike in rape and sexual harassment. 

Prior to 1975, when the Swedish parliament voted to dispose of its homogeneous heritage, the nation was virtually crime free. Since then attacks targeting native Swedish women has skyrocketed. 

10,000 years without permeating violent crime ended in coincidence with the nation opening its borders to Muslim mobs. The cause-and-effect is apparent to anyone but the willfully blind. The predatory left is perennially blind, seeing only what it wants to see: white privilege and oppression. 

Sweden and Denmark are the countries where the most sexual assaults occur in the EU. A chart compiled by Statista for The Independent shows the percentage of people who said they experienced sexual harassment as adults in the EU’s member states. —

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