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January 29, 2016 -- An American nanny was suffocated to death in an apartment she shared with an illegal alien from Gambia. 

The body of the 25-year-old Lauren Mann was found half naked in her Vienna home. She had been in Vienna five years. 

 Reports say the Gambian was in Austria illegally.

An American nanny whose body was found in her Vienna apartment died of "suffocation," authorities said, as authorities continue to look for a Gambian immigrant who was sharing the apartment.

As the investigation into the death of Lauren Mann continues, her friends and colleagues have begun reflecting on her life.

Police are treating the case as homicide "because third party involvement cannot be excluded," a police spokesman told NBC News.

Mann, 25, who grew up in Colorado, was found dead in her Vienna apartment, with her half-naked body located on a mattress near "a considerable amount of blood," police have said.

She was sharing the apartment with a Gambian immigrant who was in Austria illegally, and police were looking for him, Austria's Kronen Zeitung reports. The nature of his relationship with Mann was unclear.

Police were interviewing her acquaintances, neighbors and friends, as well as her employer.

Mann had lived in Vienna for three years and was working in Austria as an au pair, officials said. She was considered "very reliable," officials said Wednesday. 

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