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January 22, 2016 -- Curtis Bennie Rudd was a soft target. The 85-year-old was gunned down after two black males broke down the door of his Alabama home. 

Robbery appears to be the motive. 

Arrested are Davonte Travon Mike, 20, and Robert Jamal Wiggins, 20.

Americans continue to endure a generations-old crime spree imposed upon them by young, black males. The media not only ignores the terror, but portrays young black males as victims. The phenomenon of reality displacement is truly psychotic.

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Curtis Bennie Rudd, 85, was shot by the invaders and was found by police lying on the floor of his residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Rudd was transported to East Alabama Medical Center by ambulance where he was later pronounced dead.

Rudd's wife told police she and her husband were awakened by a noise at their front door, which resulted in the door being forced opened.

Two males wearing ski masks and armed with a handgun entered into the house and immediately fired multiple shots at them, according to police.

Curtis Rudd returned fire at the suspects causing them to run from the home. Police believe he shot and injured one of the suspects, later identified as Wiggins. Rudd's wife wasn't injured and called 911.

Earlier the same evening at around 8:30 p.m., an elderly woman living on Lee Road 390, in the same general area as the home invasion, reported a burglary to the sheriff's office.

The woman reported she heard a noise at her door and when she went to the door a suspect kicked the door in and came into her residence. She said she struck the intruder with her walking stick several times and the suspect ran from the home.

The woman described the suspect as a tall, thin black man.

The sheriff's office said the crimes occurred within four and half hours of each other and are believed to be related.

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