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December 22, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- George Reusch Jr., 27, was fatally shot while sitting in his new Jeep, reports say.

WVUE says two black males, one of whom had entered the passenger side of the victim's vehicle, were seen fleeing the scene.

Reusch was the father of a seven-month-old son.

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Witnesses said they saw two black men sitting on a bench near the Hooters parking lot on College Drive a few minutes after 7 p.m. Monday night. A black SUV, which was later identified as Reusch’s Jeep, pulled up and parked, they said.

Witnesses said they heard a gunshot, and then the black man appeared to fall or trip out of the passenger side of the vehicle. The man climbed back into the vehicle, and then got out, this time carrying a backpack-like bag, witnesses said.

The two men ran away together toward Corporate Boulevard, witnesses said. About thirty seconds later the Jeep, with Reusch inside, started rolling toward College Drive where it crashed through a chain-link fence, went through a culvert and came up on the street, ramming a silver pickup truck.

McKneely would not confirm witnesses’ accounts, citing an ongoing investigation. He also would not say whether drugs were involved or whether anything was removed from the vehicle.

Investigators still have no suspects, though McKneely noted that people are calling in to share what they know and that detectives are following up on those leads.

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  1. groids are the hate crime.bless his soul and that sweet baby.


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