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December 3, 2015 -- At the age of 15, Adolf Hitler failed his exams and dropped out of school. The teen found himself playing with younger children due his unpopularity among his own peers.

As an army recruit, Hitler served in World War I and earned praise as a dispatch-runner and was cited for his bravery. His coveted awards included the Iron Cross First Class. The citation was recommended by Hitler's immediate superior officer, Hugo Gutmann, a Jew. In spite of his patriotic zeal, the young soldier never advanced above the rank of corporal. The reason? His superiors agreed that the future Führer lacked leadership skills.

"[H]is posture was sloppy and when he was asked a question his answer would be anything but short in a soldier-like fashion. He didn't hold his head straight - it was usually sloping towards his left shoulder," noted Fritz Wiedemann, Hitler's regimental adjutant.

By some accounts the young Adolf Hitler was neither bright nor charismatic.

Fast forward to 1934. 700,000 Nazi Party sympathizers were mesmerized as Adolf Hitler, the corporal who lacked leadership ability, crossed his arms in steadfast defiance, then gestured with authority as he roundly condemned "der Juden" to thunderous applause amidst unprecedented pageantry.

So what happened? What transformed Hitler from boring dullard to, arguably, history's most charismatic speaker?

• The answer can be found in the name Erik Jan Hanussen. Hanussen was a noted performer known for his uncanny ability to entrance audiences with his stage presence. He literally billed himself as a hypnotist.

Hitler recruited Hanussen to become his personal speech coach. It was Hanussen who reputedly taught Hitler the power of performance. When we watch and listen to the dynamic speeches of Hitler at the Nuremberg rallies, we are watching the handiwork of Hanussen.

Left: Hitler's Jewish speaking coach,
Erik Jan Hanussen (born Hermann Seinschneider)

Though Hanussen (born Hermann Steinschneider) pretended to be a Dutch aristocrat he was, in fact, a Moravian Jew.

Hanussen was assassinated in 1933, ostensibly by order of Hermann Göring or Joseph Goebbels who objected to the competition for Hitler's attention.

The point: Adolf Hitler had no qualms with a Jew playing a pivotal role in his inner circle of advisers.

• Upon the formation of the notorious SS (Sturmstaffel), Adolf Hitler became member no. 1. Member no. 2 was the lesser known Emil Maurice. Maurice remained a close confident of Hitler from the time the two met in 1919 to end of Hitler's life. When Hitler was sentenced to Landsberg Prison after the famed Beer Hall Putsch, Maurice was incarcerated along with him. It was there that Maurice dictated portions of Hitler's Mein Kampf and, upon their release, it was Maurice who smuggled the manuscript out of the prison.

The loyalty of Maurice to Hitler earned the former the trusted role of the Führer's personal driver. He was one of two men to hold that position. When Hitler allegedly committed suicide in his bunker at the end of World War II, Maurice was there. Maurice was assigned the task of retrieving gasoline to pour over the bodies of Hitler and his newly wed spouse Eva Braun moments after their suicides.

Like Hanussen, Maurice was a Jew.

The point, again, is that Hitler trusted Jews within his inner circle.

• What's more there were at least thirty high-ranking officers with Jewish heritage who served in the Third Reich's Wehrmacht, or 'armed forces'.

A British member of the British Free Corps,
a Waffen SS unit suggested to the Wehrmacht by John Amery,
a Briton of Jewish descent
• John Amery was a British aristocrat, fascist, and ardent apologist for Hitler's Third Reich. It was Amery who suggested the Wehrmacht form the British Free Corps (Britisches Freikorps), a Waffen SS unit comprised of British men. 

Amery moved from his home in France to Berlin where he offered his services to propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. Hitler was impressed with Amery and allowed him to remain in Germany as a guest of the Reich. 

Amery's father, Leopold Amery, was a half Jewish Member of Britain's Parliament. John was executed by the British in December, 1945 for treason. 

Otto Heinrich Warburg
• Otto Heinrich Warburg was one-half Jew. Warburg was a Nobel laureate and research scientist best known for pathogenesis of cancer research (Warburg effect). Warburg's parents were orthodox Jews before converting to Protestantism. His father was an ethnic Jew. In spite of being offered funding from the Rockefeller Institute to continue his cancer research in the United States as the National Socialists gained control of nation, Warburg chose to remain in Germany.

• Hitler's National Socialist Party advocated the formation of the Israeli state.

On August 25, 1933 the Haavara Agreement was signed between Germany's National Socialist government and the Jewish Agency. The agreement allowed Jews to emigrate from Germany to Palestine. That is, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were instrumental in the creation of the modern state of Israel.

• Haim Arlosoroff, who negotiated the Haavara Agreement on behalf of the Jews, once dated Johanna Maria Magdalena Ritschel who later married Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and was colloquially known as "Magda" Goebbels.

Arlosoroff was, of course, a Jew.

• Between 1929 and 1938 250,000 Jews emigrated to Palestine. Most were from Europe including a massive number of professionals, doctors, lawyers and professors from Germany who migrated with the blessings and support of Hitler's government. The migration resulted in Palestine having the highest per-capita percentage of doctors in the world. Those highly educated, highly skilled professionals added significantly to the cultural and economic foundation of what would become the nation of Israel.

• As the war neared its end, Goebbels lamented in his diary that Hitler had allowed too many Jews to live in Berlin.

• In fact, the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (Reich Association of Jews in Germany) was formed in 1939 and survived until June, 1943. Membership was compulsory for ethnic Jews.

• Prepare to be shocked: A significant number of Jews fought for Hitler's National Socialists government [source]. 

Major Leo Skurnik,
2nd row, 2nd from right
More than 300 Jews in Finland had no compunction fighting along their German compatriots against the Soviets. Leo Skurnik was among those Jews. The Jewish physician obtained the rank of Major and was awarded the prestigious Iron Cross. 

Why would the National Socialists enlist a Jew, advance him to Major (remember Hitler, himself, never advanced beyond corporal in the previous war), and award him with an Iron Cross?  

What we know about Adolf Hitler is:

• His speech coach, Erik Jan Hanussen, was a Jew.
• His close friend, confidant, and inner-circle member, Emil Maurice, was a Jew.

• His Britisches Freikorps was conceived by Jewish descendant John Amery. 
• He openly negotiated with international Zionist leaders.
• He actively advocated the formation of a Jewish state.
• He actively assisted Jewish emigration to Palestine.
• His close inner circle socialized with Jews.
• He tolerated Jewish communities in Germany.
• A significant number of his top military officials were at least part Jewish.

• A significant number of Jews actually fought for Hitler.

The conclusion?

By "adding two-and-two" we could conclude that Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich were instruments of Zionism; a part of a vast international Jewish conspiracy to solicit empathy for the plight of Jews and create a Jewish state.

Sound silly? Of course it does. Why? Because it's absurd. Hitler was certainly no puppet of an international Zionist conspiracy.

Nonetheless, some actually believe that he was. By stitching together a patchwork of data points, conspiracy theorists concoct believable scenarios. If the case can be made that Hitler and the National Socialists were a Zionist conspiracy, most anything can be woven into a convincing but woefully incorrect theory.

While all the above history is true, it leaves proverbial untied strings that demand explanations. Therefore, as in all conspiracy theories, one must retrofit one's world view to conform to dogmatically held theories.

• For example, were Hitler and the Third Reich a Zionist conspiracy, how does one explain the Jewish Holocaust? Why would Jewish conspirators allow six-million Jews to be murdered?

Some, of course, simply deny the Jewish Holocaust occurred. Others contend the Jewish Holocaust was part of the Zionist plot in which millions of Jews were unwittingly sacrificed by greedy Jewish bankers to affect their plan for world empathy.

They would note that, during the Peel Commission (1937-1938), Jewish leader Chaim Weizmann testified that "There are in Europe 6,000,000 people ... for whom the world is divided into places where they cannot live and places where they cannot enter."

They would argue that the Jewish holocaust would have decimated the entire European Jewish population and, therefore, could not have occurred. There would have been none to emigrate to Palestine and no survivors to testify against Hitler and his National Socialist government.

The notion that large, round estimates are almost always incorrect never occurs to them.

• To accept the Zionist conspiracy theory view, one would necessarily have to explain why non-Jews -- such as Barack Obama -- maintain high profile and influential positions. Also requiring explanation are the vociferous anti-globalist and conservative Jews such as Pamela Geller, Paul Gottfried, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, and Ben Stein to name a few. To retrofit these 'loose strings,' arguments could be made that the likes of Obama are Zionist puppets and conservative Jews are controlled opposition.

If Jews held an ironclad grip on Hollywood (and they nearly do), one would have to explain how producers such as Mel Gibson and other conservatives managed to thrive for decades. Given enough thought, any scenario can be forced to fit the conspiracy theory. Incontrovertible and empirical evidence is seldom forthcoming.

If Zionism controlled Washington as some contend via a Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG), why would Israel have commissioned Jonathan Pollard to spy on us? Wouldn't Israel have been effectively spying on itself?

• That's not to deny the leftward trend of most Jews; nor does it excuse or dismiss the anti-Western rants of the likes of Barbara Lerner Spectre, Tim Wise preying on the obtuse, or the misleading of Morris Dees. Nor is it to deny the existence of any Zionist conspiracies: Virtually every government and political social movement are constantly conspiring; they are perpetually up to something.

It is to affirm that the human mind is perennially gullible and prone to accept bizarre belief systems, the international Jewish conspiracy theory being among them.

• So what's wrong with believing the Zionist conspiracy theory?

The problem is: We act out what we believe.

If we believe Zionism is the culprit behind every evil from hiccoughs to illegal immigration, our short-sighted conclusions will compel us to ignore genuine causes. We will blame every social ill on der Juden and ignore the broader conspiracy of consensus of Marxism and other flawed social and political philosophies. In fact, I have encountered individuals so enraptured with antisemitism that every Jew is deemed evil by virtue of their Jewishness.

Again, we act out what we believe. If our belief system is flawed, our actions will reflect that flaw.

• That's not to recuse ourselves from honest and objective inquiry because we don't embrace conspiracy theories. To close our minds to honest investigation is as errant as opening our minds to abject silliness.

Honest and objective inquiry will note that, according to some sources, there were about 15,630,000 Jews alive worldwide in 1929 and 15,753,633 1936. Assuming those numbers are correct, the 6-million Jews who were said to have been killed during the alleged Holocaust would have comprised just over 38 percent — more than one third — of the world's Jewish population. 

Statistics purportedly reported in the Jewish World Almanac report the international Jewish population was 15,315,369 in 1933 and 15,753,638 in 1948. (Click on images below to enlarge.)

Some dispute these statistics claiming they were post-dated by two years or that the later number was derived, in part, using statistics provided by Germany's National Socialist government and are, therefore, unreliable.

(Ironically the combined populations of Austria and Germany decreased by about 8 percent, from 76 million in 1939. The number of Austrian and German fatalities was about 6,070,000.)

We also could query as to the physical remains of 6,000,000 executed Jews. Surely we would be within the boundaries of reason to demand physical evidence. In most homicide cases involving only one victim, the remains of that victim is typically central to the prosecution's case. If the remains of the murder victim is missing or the cause of death is uncertain, the prosecution's case is all but lost. 

That's not to say the Jewish Holocaust did not occur. Rather, it is to emphasize the criticism leveled by revisionists has not been sufficiently answered by Holocaust apologists. 

Imagine a murder trial in which virtually all of six-million bodies are missing and the few bodies recovered were known to have died from diseases such as typhus; but none were empirically proven to be murdered by gassing as the prosecution contends. The accused may not be innocent, but they would certainly be found not guilty. The exception, of course, was the trial a Nuremberg, Germany.

For perspective, note the current combined populations of Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia are slightly greater than 6,000,000. One would expect satellite and other technologies could easily uncover mass graves of so many victims, even if they were reduced to bones and ashes.

Who knows? Maybe some day those 6,000,000 remains will be uncovered and the Jewish Holocaust will be vindicated. Until that day skepticism should remain in play.

Below is a presentation by Holocaust survivor Ursula Haverbeck. Currently 87-years-old, she was born November 8, 1928.

Haverbeck is an academic who reportedly holds multiple college degrees. Her questions regarding the Holocaust have, to our knowledge, gone without a satisfactory answer.

Years ago a friend visited a Holocaust museum in California. Upon his return to Indiana he lamented over the site of images, including a colossal photo of shoes piled high at a German internment camp; a sad and ominous reminder of those tragic souls executed without mercy by the Germans. 

I asked my friend if he heard of the murder trial in which a German was prosecuted and found guilty of murdering a Jew. He listened intently while I explained the body of the deceased was never recovered, the victim's name was unknown, no one knew his exact age, and a physical description of the victim was never presented. Investigators did, however, find the supposed victim's shoes and upon that evidence the German was convicted and executed. 

I asked my friend how he would defend himself if he were accused of murder and the body of the alleged victim was never recovered, his death never verified, and his name and physical appearance were unknown. In lieu of the body the prosecutor presented the court with a photograph of the supposed victim's shoes as evidence that he must have been murdered. Witnesses for the prosecution claimed they saw you kill him, I explained, but could not produce any evidence nor could they describe the victim. 

Indeed there were stashes of hair, clothing, and other personal effects discovered at German internment camps. Era photographs reveal shorn inmates wearing prison-issued garb. The piles of shoes, hair, and clothing may have, indeed, belonged to Jews gassed and incinerated at German internment camps. Then, again, they may have belonged to living inmates who hair was shorn to prevent to the spread of lice and their clothing, including shoes, were replaced with the familiar striped inmate uniforms seen in multiple photographs. 

Luggage of internees. Were the owners gassed to death? 
I informed my friend that I, too, had seen a similar era photograph. The image was that of piles of luggage taken from internment camp inmates. The photo's caption revealed the luggage belonged to American Japanese interred in the United States during World War II. The image of luggage does not prove or disprove that the Japanese inmates were gassed with Zyklon B and later incinerated. 

The point should be obvious: We often see what we believe rather than believe what we see. It's called “inference-observation confusion” or, colloquially, "jumping to conclusions." Some may see Zionist conspiracies where none exist. Others may see holocausts were none exist. Until the evidence is empirical and conclusive, we must not allow our minds to adopt groundless belief systems.

• Were I a Jewish conspirator hell-bent on world Zionist domination, I would intentionally propagate the Zionist conspiracy theory for the express purpose of making the opposition look dumb.

Were I a Zionist conspirator hell-bent on world Zionist domination, I would intentionally lobby governments and booksellers to censor critical review of the alleged Holocaust. 

Attributed to the Apostle Paul is this affirming observation: Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Voltaire observed, Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. 

To paraphrase the Apostle Paul and Voltaire, The person who convinces you to believe dumb things has the power to make you do dumb things. 

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  1. I'surprised at your complete lack of knowledge concerning Holocaust revisionism. Most of the Holocaust story is war time propaganda and rumor. Do you believe Jews were turned into soap and lampshades too?

  2. im disappointed,juhad funds jihad.

  3. My barber in Cape Town, South Africa was a German man who believed that Hitler was a tool of the Illuminati, who never intended to win the war. His part in the conspiracy was to discredit nationalism, so that it would never again be a respectable politcal position. Would you say he achieved his goal?

    In support of this theory, he pointed out that a Jew, Field Marshal Milch (Goering's 2IC, the man who built the Luftwaffe) was the only one of Hitler's close associates who had unrestricted access to him in the closing months of the war. Dunkirk, of course. And the fact that Germany had jet fighters as early as 1941, but Hitler refused to authorise their production.

    I really don't know. All we know of Hitler is wartime propaga nda, and the obviously biased history written by the victors. Nevertheless, this article is a straw man argument. What Hitler believed is not evidence for or against a Zionist (or Illuminati) conspiracy. A conspiracy is not even necessary. All you need is for a vast majority of Jews to be on the same page, culturally. I'm sure you know this. I'm sure you've read the Culture of Critique.

    Back in the days of the Anti-Apartheid campaign in South Africa, I was oblivious to these things. I noticed the preponderance of Jewish politicians in the opposition - hell, I voted for them. Not because I thought they were right, but simply because I thought a parliamentary system needed at least a token Opposition.

    It was only after the Fall of Civilization that I realised that their opposition went far beyond those Leftist politicians, far beyond the Jewish lawyers defending the ANC terrorists in court. I saw a television interview with Harry Oppenheimer, the richest man in South Africa (Anglo-American Corporation - gold, De Beers Corporation - diamonds) where he boasted, "Yes, I was the quiet engine behind the ANC". Now he tells us. Swine.

    Watch this video as heroic underground anti-Apartheid fighter George Galloway brags that, during his perilous adventures in South Africa, "every bed" that he slept in, and "every meal" he ate, was given to him by a Jew. Thanks, guys.

    I don't have to itemise for you all the sins of the Jews. The mass immigration into every White country, and only White countries, the media bias, the corruption of the culture, education, finance. Yes, it's not all Jews, but it sure as hell is virtually all Jewish organizations.

    No, anti-Semitism is not dumb. I know, I've been dumb. Now I'm - no, not anti-Semitic. The Jewish chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer was accused of anti-Semitism, but refuted the charge by saying that he liked Arabs. Likewise, I am not anti-Semitic, I'm anti-Jewish.

  4. Thanks Kenn, great article. I agree with you.
    I completely understand the anger against Jews. In the like manner I understand the anger against anti-white white women/Christians/intellectuals/liberals. I myself am angry towards any anti-white pro-diversity Jew, Christian, woman, intellectual or liberal, more than angry, mommy-bear angry: they are harming my children and I am and will do everything I can against them, right now with my pen but I know sadly one day it will be beyond. But In the same way that not all white Christians, women, intellectuals and liberals are our enemies, I think not all white jews are our enemy. I don't want to throw the baby with the dirty water. This is because I hold race above all ideologies.

    1) I don't think whites are spineless and brainless and do all the mistakes we are doing like puppets in the hands of Jews.
    2) Yes many Jews started those anti-white movements but they did this because they were leftists not they were jews.
    3) Jews are not a monolith, the Jews like Barbara Spectres or Mark Zuckerberg are liberal Asheknaz. Other European Jews like Italian Jews, moreover Morrocan etc, are not pulling the strings... Leftist "jews" who are wrecking the white countries are not following Judaism with their pro-homosexuality, pro-diversity, communist etc agenda. They are as jewish as Obama is Christian.
    And very importantly:
    4) As long as we don't take responsability for our mistakes, that, with or without the Jews, liberal leftists are pro-diversity feminists suicidal/homicidal self haters (i.e. they hate white men), how can we learn not to do those mistakes again?

    The traitors won't be welcomed (those who have publicly or directly been against whites) but I think all pro-white whites should be, no matter their ethnicity or religion. We are not enough to do otherwise.

  5. the first 2 people said it simply the rest TLTR, everybody knows its jewish supremism at the tip of the spear.

  6. I don't hate all Jews per se, but I see that they have certain inclinations as a people and weld an enormous amount of power and influence, that could really help us White gentiles, but instead they seem to work against us in promoting division in the name of unity (or individual empowerment against the good of the group).
    0.2% of the world's pop and 20% of Forbes billionaires.
    But in saying that though I see the Jews are rich off banking and media sure, but its the WASPs who are getting rich off the military industrial complex, designing, building and instigating deployments of these weapons that get them rich and lead to lots of dead Whites(and non whites, who then want to kills Whites as revenge).
    I see Jews are disproportionately at the top of groups working against the White families interests, but they're not alone.

  7. so much shit i have never seen anywhere

  8. As a Pan European Nationalist, i have spent 30+ years reading èverything from Nat/Soc Rosenberg, and Kevin Macdonalds 'culture of critique', to Dr William Pierce, Nick Griffens 'The mindbenders'.
    I agree with the àbove poster, it isnt All jews, but it is Virtually All jewish organisations, movements etc etc.
    Somèhow All goyim must be woken one way or the other. I thank my European pagan gods that the internet more than any other tool in thè last 70 years have made peôple aware. On street level, the under class, the working class & the lowerw middle çlass a huge percentage now know whats happening , or at lèast are aware that we are beasts of burden for these Talmudiç supremacist's.
    The next big hurdle is getting the upper middle classes & more in academia , positions of influence to bring sovereign power back to all peoples, all races & ethnicity's. For these supremacist's care for no other race just use them to smash whitey.....

    Next time you are asked are you anti-semitic reply No of course not. Just counter-semitic...

  9. Daily Kenn, you are a Zionist traitor, aka "controlled opposition."

    We've seen your kind before.

  10. In my latest novel, "Eternity Beach", Adolf Hitler lives again, and discusses the Jewish issue and why extreme anti-Semitsm does not advance the white nationalist cause, citing his own Jewish "mischlinge" serving in the Third Reich. Much of this deformed perception is the fault of forums like Stormfront, which have over-emphasized the Nazi aspect of American white nationalism.

    Ward Kendall, author of "Hold Back This Day" and his latest non-fiction work, "Beyond This Horizon - A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow" (amazon)

  11. I'm no Holocaust denier!

    I don't deny any of the Holocausts Israel is responsible for.