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December 27, 2015 -- The published the headline, "On the rampage in Calais: Shocking footage shows hundreds of migrants stealing from lorries and threatening motorists as many more attempt to storm the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day."

Hundreds of Islamic insurgents — called "refugees" or "migrants" by the mainstream Marxist media — flooded into the streets in Calais, France near the entrance of the Channel Tunnel. Their objective was to invade Britain. The insurgents stole from "lorries" (18-wheelers) and harassed motorists.

One Frenchman recorded the mayhem with a running commentary in French.

• Liberal Democrats are convincing gullible Americans that Syrian refugees are "widows and orphans," or "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Those of us who believe our eyes know better. They are not Syrian refugees. They are Islamic insurgents. The media will focus our minds on photos of warm-and-friendly Muslim families, complete with cute little children. Tylenol commercials will insert images of smiling burqa-wearing Muslim women. Clearly, the media and some ad executives are attempting to remold our thinking to accept a false narrative.

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• Footage shows car drivers forced to swerve around hundreds of migrants
• Police closed the A16 highway until crowds of people could be dispersed
• Calais port is a key destination for asylum-seekers from all over the world
• Most hope to reach the UK via the Eurotunnel or by hitching lifts in lorries

Astonishing footage from Calais has captured the moment hundreds of migrants stormed the streets in an attempt to break into the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day.

Car drivers were forced to squeeze through the crowds of people – many of whom were pushing prams – as they strolled down the middle of the road.

Local authorities admitted that ‘since the traffic was low’, it was decided to close the A16 highway in both directions until the crowds could be dispersed.

‘Around 4pm, hundreds of migrants, in small groups, attempted to break into the site,’ said the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.

The port of Calais has become a key destination for the thousands of migrants and refugees who are trying to enter the UK.

It has led to the evolution of the Calais migrant camp, known as The Jungle, which has become so well established that it is even now home to restaurants, barbershops, churches and mosques.

Its inhabitants have arrived from all over the world, including Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan, most claiming to have fled violence and war in their home countries.

More than 6,000 people are now believed to have made temporary homes in the make-shift camp, including orphaned children, the elderly and disabled.

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