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December 7, 2015 -- You won't likely see this story on Fox News or MSNBC. It simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white privilege and oppression.

A six-year-old was fatally stab, police say, when 32-year-old Ronald Exantus invaded his home.

Dead is Logan Tipton.

The crime occurred in Versailles, Ky. Dec. 7, 2015.

Had a 32-year-old white male fatally stabbed a six-year-old black boy, the news would be national headlines for months.

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 Versailles police say a 6-year-old boy was stabbed to death during a burglary early Monday morning.

The Woodford County Coroner has identified the victim as Logan Tipton. Versailles police say the boy was a kindergarten student at Simmons Elementary.

Ronald Exantus, 32, of Indianapolis is charged with murder and burglary.

The Versailles Police Department says they were called to a home on Douglas Avenue just before 4 a.m. for a burglary in progress. Police say the homeowner called 911 after discovering an armed burglar inside the home.

According to court documents, Exantus entered the home and "proceeded to walk around the residence." While in the home, the police report says Exantus went to an upstairs bedroom where Logan was sleeping in his bed. Exantus "with a large kitchen knife that he obtained in the house" stabbed the boy several times in the head.
Logan’s aunt says four other children were also sleeping in the bedroom.

The family tells WKYT that Logan’s 11 year old sister is a hero. They say when she woke up and saw someone in the bedroom; she threw herself at them and started screaming for their father.

Police say the boy's father rushed to the room and managed to detain Exantus until police arrived and took him into custody.

The police report says Exantus confessed to stabbing the boy.

Neighbors who saw Logan playing outside the house are coming back to the same question over and over again: Why?

"It's just a horrible thing, makes you wonder why this would happen to this little boy. It's just so sad," said neighbor Tiffany Crow.

The report does not provide any indication as to why Exantus targeted Logan's home. A section on the report says it is unknown whether alcohol or drugs were a factor.

A CBS affiliate in Indiana says Exantus did not have a criminal record in Indianapolis.

A Facebook page for a Ronald Exantus says he lives in Noblesville, Indiana, but is from Coral Springs, Florida. His employment is listed as a Dialysis RN at Fresenius Medical Care, and the Facebook page says he studied at Med Tech College in Indianapolis.

Hundreds of people have already donated thousands of dollars through a GoFundMe webpage for Logan’s funeral expenses.

Donations for funeral expenses can also be made out to the Tipton family at Kentucky Bank.

The family says they cannot live in the home after what happened.

They say generous people in the community have opened their homes so they have temporary places to stay.

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  1. If I was dad and saw my son murdered by this black savage, he'd be begging me to call the police by the time I got done with him.