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December 18, 2015 -- Anti-Western culture advocates are signing a petition to ban Republican presidential contender, Donald Trump, from Britain.

To achieve their objective the haters launched a petition.

A new report reveals the petition was signed by the same people multiple times.

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GOVERNMENT petitions are being abused online by activists organising 'mass signings' to trigger Government debates, throwing the recent success of a petition to ban Donald Trump from the UK in to doubt.

In a matter of minutes reporters from were able to sign Government petitions multiple times, using the same name and postcode.

Our investigation was triggered after it was claimed leftwing activists were bragging on social media that they had signed the petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK as many as 50 times each.

The Trump-ban petition was signed 562,000 times, becoming the most signed Government online petition since the site’s launch in 2012.

The petition was started early this month when Trump said Muslim people should be banned from America Islamic State (ISIS), also known as Daesh, is defeated.

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  1. Leftists are the same everywhere - voting multiple times or when otherwise disallowed.