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December 3, 2015 -- A British politician known for his support of the world's largest, oldest, and bloodiest hate group -- Islam -- is facing new criticism after addressing an Islamic congregation in north London.

Jeremy Corbyn was the featured speaker at an event billed as an anti-Islamophobia rally. Corbyn was widely criticized because the crowd was segregated by gender.

Oddly, little criticism came from pseudo-feminists but from conservatives.

• The objective of the predatory left is the displacement of Western culture. Pseudo-feminism seeks to destroy Western families by pretending to advocate women's rights and Islam seeks to displace Western culture. The term Islamophobe is a pejorative intended to silence patriots by stereotyping them as bigots.

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Labour leader spoke at anti-Islamophobia event at Finsbury Park mosque

Men were sat in middle while women sat in outer rows at the 2012 event

Sexes were also segregated at meeting ahead of the Oldham by-election

Same gender split also occurred at Labour rally in Birmingham in May

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