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December 8, 2015 -- All combined the five Islamic savages who attacked strangers for sport were sentenced to more than 40 years.

The Muslim teens roamed the streets of London searching for men to beat in the head with a baseball bat before kicking and punching them.

The mob then stole their victims' cash, credit cards, cell phones and Oyster cards used to pay for travel on public transport in London.

Sentenced were Yusuf Akram, 18, Usamah Aftab, 18, Mohammed Ali, 18, Thamid Zaman, 17 and Hamzah Jawyd, 17.

The individual sentences ranged from 8 to 10 years

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The victims of the crime spree were left with life-changing injuries including brain injuries, a broken neck and extensive facial fractures.

The career of pilot Arfath Miah was left in tatters after the attack caused him to be suspended from flying for three years and he also still requires a frame to walk.

The callous and vicious gang, who smirked, hugged and shook hands with each other before leaving the dock, hit across two days.
Mohammed Munshi was battered to the ground and left with acute haemorrhage to the left side of his brain, in Harold Road, Forest Gate, on March 7.

The following night, at around 10pm, another victim was beaten with a bat in Hatherley Gardens, East Ham, and his iPhone was taken.

Just 40 minutes later, a man was attacked from behind for his cash, Oyster card and mobile phone.

He suffered a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage.

Aftab sent a congratulatory message to Jawyd the day after and later offered the stolen phone for sale.

On March 9, another victim was savagely attacked in Blenheim Road, East Ham.

He heard the youths counting down 'three, two, one' before they hit him over the head with the bat leaving a 4cm gash to the back of his head.

The gang then made their way to Henniker Gardens and attacked Essen Mohammed for his wallet and mobile phone.

Two hours later pilot Mr Miah was knocked unconscious and left with a fractured skull.

A seventh robbery took place the following evening, after Mohammed Khan was approached by the group and asked for directions.

Akram drew the bat from under his clothing and struck the man from behind and beat him repeatedly while he lay unconscious and defenceless on the floor.

Mr Mohammed sustained extensive facial fractures, a fractured skull and bleeding requiring hospitalisation for a month and is still having his speech capacity rebuilt.

The last robbery took place less than an hour later in Stone Road, Manor Park, where the man was left with a fractured neck, extensive skull and facial fractures along with brain injuries.

Akram and Zaman made off with the man's phone, cash card, money and Oyster card while the victim also lost his job as a chef when he was unable to work.

Judge Kennedy said there was no need for the gang to use violence as the number of them involved would be enough to intimidate victims into handing over their belongings.

He said: 'The use of a baseball bat before the taking of relatively minor items of personal property clearly shows an intention to commit more serious harm than such street robbery would ordinarily have involved.

'It is likely that the sheer force of numbers of you defendants would have been sufficient to persuade each of these victims to hand over his property without the need for any violence at all.

'Whilst you may not at this moment regard yourselves as fortunate, your good fortune is that none of these people that you injured so seriously, fracturing skulls and facial bones, died.

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  1. This will only continue to increase in frequency as these Muzzie brats begin to grow into mauraudiing gangs of criminals while refusing to integrate into normal productive western societies. They seek destruction, not civilization or any ascendancy, all while leeching off the welfare state. Europe better get its barb wire stocks in order as it fractures into thousands of no-go zones!