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December 20, 2015 -- True to form, Donald Trump continues to make headlines with outrageous insults. Among the most recent was a jab at Jeb Bush.

Trump said the former governor of Florida is as dumb as a rock.

Trump posted the following tweet on Twitter:

“.@JebBush has embarrassed himself & his family with his incompetent campaign for President. He should remain true to himself. The last thing our country needs is another BUSH! Dumb as a rock!”

Trump and Bush are contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump is currently leading in the polls with support from 39 percent of Republican primary voters. Ted Cruz, a U.S. Senator representing Texas, places second at 18 percent.

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  1. Mr. Trump has insulted rocks.

  2. As if Yeb is trying to remove the last shred of doubt about his feminine personality, he decides to let himself be recorded on video where he hitches up his panties, stomps his feet, and says that 'Donald Trump is a jerk!'.

    Calling a guy a 'jerk' is a well worn tactic that has been used by spoiled feminists who have had little success in finding a man who will put up with them and their feminazi driven hatred of masculinity.

    Has Yeb hired Bruce Jenner as his campaign speech coach, I wonder?

  3. Like Shrillary, Jeb is running out of a sense of entitlement. They each think it's "their turn".

  4. I don't know about dumb as a rock, but he sure has the backbone of a jellyfish and doesn't hesitate to sell out white Americans.